Are you Ready to Be Confident in your smile?

All On 4 Dentures Have A High Success Rate

For many adults, missing and chipped teeth can put a strain on everyday life. While a broken smile might be the most obvious effect of tooth loss, missing teeth can also have a profound effect on daily functionality as well. Permanent tooth replacement with dental implants has revolutionized dentistry. In many cases, traditional dentures provide limited success as a teeth replacement option and are often prescribed by dentists as a last resort option. All on 4 dentures are a modern solution that has been innovated to help restore normal function, comfort, aesthetics, speech, and health to individuals who are missing teeth. The All-on-4 treatment concept is a prosthodontics procedure that refers to all teeth being supported on four or more dental implants. The all-on-four concept has evolved over time, innovating dental implant concepts over time to use a minimum of four fixtures to support a full set of teeth.



Gum & Bone Health


Missing or chipped teeth can affect the health of your gums as well as the form and density of the alveolar bone, which surrounds and supports your teeth. When a tooth is lost, the lack of stimulation causes this bone to shrink in both height and width. As the alveolar bone continues to deteriorate, gum tissue also gradually resorbs away, and can effect a person’s ability to chew and speak, and can also effect over appearance. Dental implants like the all-in-4 procedure are fused and integrated into the jaw bone, serving as anchors to support teeth, which help to stimulate and stabilize the jaw bone.  



Success Rate

Not only is the all-on-4 treatment concept the least time-consuming treatment option, but it also remains a cost-effective solution in comparison to other dental replacement alternatives. Dental implants have a very high patient success rate and regularly attain 10-year survival rates of higher than 90%. A longitudinal study of the survival of all-on-4 implants showed patient-related- and implanted-related success rates of 94.8% and 98.1% respectively. The prostheses’ survival rate was 99.2% with up to 10 years follow up. In other words, the all-on-four procedure tested as a proven long-term solution for permanent dental replacement.



Smile With Confidence


The all on 4 procedure is the quickest way to regaining confidence in your smile. Many experienced dental surgeons offer full arch rehabilitation in a single day, meaning that there is no need to travel from one practitioner to the other to regain confidence in your teeth. One surgical procedure, in one day, and no need for any bone augmentation! Both the surgical portion and the prosthetic phase of the process can be done at the same location, allowing people to walk out with a smile and a fully functional set of new teeth.

The way you look directly affects the way that you feel. Missing or chipped teeth can have psychological and social consequences, leaving people self-conscious about smiling or laughing in public. People who undergo the all-in-4 procedure can immediately experience a newfound sense of confidence in their teeth. Patients will experience the functionality and bite quality that they would expect from natural teeth, while having a fully functional smile that they can feel comfortable flashing in public settings. All on 4 dentures are a permanent solution that helps to restore normal function, comfort, aesthetics, speech, and health to individuals who would like to replace most or all of their teeth.